Canopy Property Services maintains the most experienced network of Residential & Commercial Real Estate Owned (REO) Real Estate Brokers in the US. We have access to over 35,000 agents and brokers that operate through the Realty Pilot Concourse360 platform and cover 100% of all 50 states. Our system has all the preloaded forms for Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) (interior/exterior), Commercial Broker Price Opinion (CBPO) (interior/exterior), Rental BPOs, Fannie Mae Appraisals, Inspections (residential and commercial), Transaction Type M-Notes, Hybrids, and we offer fully customizable forms as well. Along with agent or appraiser interactive forms we offer the industry’s highest rated Automated Value Models (AVMs) (simple to premium), BPO Property Comparable Assist, and Data Quality Check to verify data entered by vendor.

Our REO Management is one of the most industry forward looking processes in the nation. We perform all the routine services an asset management company is expected to perform but we go the extra mile. Our platform enables us to automate and maintain real time information both with the quality of services from the agent, amount of interest generated, provide real time market shifts in valuation, tasking to cover all parties involved in a transaction, expenses & accounting, automated offer management, bid & work order statuses and provide client login credentials.

Eviction Lock-Out Services

Evictions can be a delicate job but is a necessary service for our clients. We pride ourselves in providing the most streamlined eviction lock out services in the industry. Our seasoned, professional vendors can handle any eviction lockout in all 50 States. Site Agents, Locksmiths, movers, storage requirements, junk/personal property removal, cleaning/trash-out, boarding of property and any special request that has been negotiated or ordered through a court.

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